About Us

Years of Experience

Traffic Sign Pro is a team of professionals who know the sign business very well. With combined personal experience of over 45 years, we have worked with both private businesses and government agencies to create quality signs while offering friendly and professional customer service. TSP is owned by veterans who are very proud to have had the privilege of serving America in her Armed Forces.

Traffic Sign Pro has plenty of experience on the government procurement side of business, having signed federal contracts for sales to government agencies, to which we offer discounts. We even ship to military APO/FPO locations.


Traffic Sign Pro offers quality aluminum signs that meet both state and federal regulations.

We sell to both privately owned schools and businesses, and to government agencies. With more than 10 distribution facilities nationwide, shipments of orders large and small are a cinch to get to you wherever in the US you are.

Being in the sign business, signs everywhere jump out at us. We are passionate about good, quality signs. Upon seeing a sign that could use some work—some paint or better lighting, perhaps a complete remodeling—we wish we could go fix it. When traveling down highways and other roads, even street signs and safety signs jump out at us. Some have lost their reflectivity; others are confusing or poorly located. So we decided to get into the traffic sign business. We can’t fix all of the problems in the world, of course, but we can provide the products and service you are looking for.

In our advertising sign business we use the latest manufacturing machinery, production techniques, and the most appropriate materials. When we decided to get into the street sign business, we chose to work with the industry experts who also have the highest quality and most technologically advanced products available. They have been in business since 1875, began manufacturing traffic signs in the 1950s, and even introduced silk-screened traffic signs which became the industry standard. Today they continue to manufacture high quality signs and are the largest traffic sign supply company in the US.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us.

Please check out our site for all kinds of high quality, retro reflective, aluminum street signs at great prices, including quantity discounts. Among our street sign offerings, we have stop signs, school signs, construction signs, warning signs, parking traffic control signs, informational signs, regulatory, handicap, and courtesy signs, as well as sign posts and hardware.